Frisco, Colorado
tel. 970-668-2280

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About Todd Powell

"My eyes are constantly drawn to light, texture, lines and color…for me these elements are the beauty and character that define the natural world and enlighten me each day. Photography allows me to share the inspiration that I cultivate from nature with my viewers.”

Todd Powell is an explorer.  
He favors landscape and travel photography because it infuses viewers with his own adventurous worldview. His current artistic goals include experimenting with various media and building exceptional bodies of work.

 Specializing in creating mural sized prints, he and his wife Tracy work together to create custom prints for individuals, designers, art consultants and anyone looking to bring a window of nature into their home or office.

Photography is not just his career-it has been his lifestyle. From earning the photography merit badge as a boy scout to shooting for the high school yearbook, he was rarely without a camera. Todd's path was clear at an early age.

He earned a degree in Professional Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology, spending his junior year studying art history and fine arts in Salzburg, Austria. There he was first exposed to diverse cultures, high peaks and the mountain lifestyle. 

After graduating he assisted a number of photographers working on large advertising production shoots and learning about the business. Traveling between projects to hone his own skills and vision, Todd built his portfolio and his work began to be published in magazines. His personal goal to live his life enlightened by nature motivated him to move to the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. 

Specializing in adventure sports and travel photography, he quickly built up a dynamic catalogue of images documenting extreme atlhletes and the western landscape. His experiences photographing for the outdoor and tourism industries combined with his background in commercial photography allowed Todd to gain clients and publish his work around the world.

In 2001, Todd began to exhibit his favorite images from his vast archive. He gradually shifted his focus from commercial photography to sharing his personal work through exhibitions, art festivals, and his own gallery.

Todd is an avid telemark skier and cyclist. He enjoys art, music, and laughing.